Honesty is paramount
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No big words just results for years  

We give you results instead of empty marketing stories.

Everybody show you nice numbers and charts. They can be fake. We kindly ask you to talk with the trader without obligation. He can prove himself without any question and you can be sure that you choose the right person to manage your funds.

Talk with the FOREX Manager, get all of the answers and be sure that this system is good for you.

Your income
​your future!


The FOREX Manager's PAMM account generates an average

100% income

per year at least on any amount of investment​
Evidence is not a promise rather a fact
Our system is simple. If you decide to start with us and you open an account at the broker the manager starts the trading. Results will come automatically, you do not need to do anything. You can start or stop trading anytime you want.



The FOREX Manager provides you money and free time

Talk with the trader.
​We have nothing to hide.

2020 is a really challenging year for all of us. COVID-19 not affects our daily life, habits, mood and also our financial life.

The FOREX manager works with manual trades for years now without playing on the market. Performance is incredible and our goal is to provide the same to you also if you join to our manual traded FOREX PAMM system.

2016 Total Profit: +696% | 2017 Total Profit:+3119% | 2018 Total Profit: +235% | 2019 Total Profit: +286%

Trading can start and you can get yields after trading. Everything is transparent.
We give you income, we get commission also. There is no secret it is good for us also. High watermark is a guarantee for you that we need to be motivated to generate yields for you. Our banded cost structure helps you to count with the costs and our managed account is available from 500 USD minimum capital.
These financial times need appropriate plans and risk management. Many FOREX managed accounts talks about automated trading, AI trading and other fancy "things". You do not need that. During these risky times it is more important to understand what happens with your money and why. 

It is possible to follow the trader live. It means you will know exactly why he opened a trade and what is the expected return. You won't see empty explanations here just pure and prompt trading with proper risk management.

We see that the market is full of SCAMS and liars. We do it differently, so I kindly ask you to start a conversation with THE FOREX MANAGER without any obligation.