More than 8000% in past two years with FOREX

managed account

How to start?

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Really easy to start

The first step can be the conversation with the trader directly.The FOREX trader can explain the strategy, show historical results and explain how the PAMM account works. To start evenb faster you can do also the following steps:

How our PAMM system works and how much capital you need to start with us?

We use only performance fee after the profits wemade, using high watermark.

The amount of performance fee depends on the amount of total funds invested:

  • 35% from $500
  • 30% from $1,000
  • 25% from $2,000
  • 20% from $5,000
  • 15% from $10,000

There are no fees and restrictions for deposits and withdrawals.

1. Opening a live account ►►

Please open a live account at Key To Markets' website. Simply click here and do the registration.

2. After opening the account login to the website ►►
Enter the Secure Client Area on Key To Markets' website, or using this direct link:

3. Verification ►►
Verify your profile by uploading your ID, proof of address, and fill a short questionnarie there.

4. Live trading account ►►
Request to open a Live PRO USD account. Set the leverage to 1:100

5. Capital transfer ►►
When your profile gets verified and your account request gets approved, you can fund your account. Please note that the currency of the PAMM is in USD, so you need to deposit USD. If your money is in EUR, I recommend to also request a Live PRO EUR account.

Deposit your EUR there, and after it you can exchange it to your Live PRO USD account at a Forex Spot Rate. It is much cheaper than exchanging your money to USD by your bank.

6. Joining to the PAMM ►►
When your account is funded, you can join to THE FOREX MANAGER PAMM with clicking here.

7. Contact with the trader and start ►►
Please wait for the Trader to contact you again before account management will start and also get Key To Market's confirmation. Trading will start.

It is only few minutes to open the account and possibly 1-2 working days to very the trading account, do the deposit. Beside that of You have the possibility to stop trading any time you want. You can also increase or decrease the invested capital, there is no obligation or fixed termin for this PAMM account.